To help you live safely and independently at home, Beyond Barriers provides comprehensive services and solutions.


Initial Consultation

Beyond Barriers offers a free, no obligation initial consultation to find the right solution by:

  • Understanding the special needs of our client and their loved ones by working with their clinical team (doctors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, case managers, etc.), caregivers and financial advisors.
  • Assessing the environment using proven home evaluation programs and our staff’s experience as Certified Aging-In-Place Specialists and Certified Environmental Access Consultants.
  • Designing an effective and economical solution to allow clients safe and convenient use of their home.
  • Working with the clients and their loved ones to find and apply for funding assistance. We are recognized home modification providers for state Medicaid plans and county waiver programs in MN and WI, various insurance plans, and trust officers.
  • Quickly and conveniently completing home modifications and the installation of specialized accessibility equipment.
  • Instructing the client and caregivers in the safe and effective use of equipment.
  • Providing warranty, maintenance and repair services.
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Design Consultation/Evaluation

Our Design Consultation includes design solutions, home assessments and evaluations using proven home assessment programs. We are often used as a resource by both the government and private parties for trusted help in evaluating accessibility needs and designing home modification solutions that work. With a twenty-year record of effective planning, design and implementation, we can help our clients, their caregivers and loved ones live safely and independently in their homes. Our consulting services also include reviewing plans and blueprints with builders, designers and architects and contributing to life plans for courts, trust offices and advisors.

Accessibility Remodeling/Home Modifications

Our remodeling and custom home modifications include almost every type and size of remodeling project imaginable to promote accessibility and safety. This includes bathroom, kitchen and bedroom remodels, accessible home additions, installing therapeutic equipment and environmental control devices.

Access Express Program

To facilitate timely, safe and convenient transition for patients returning home from a healthcare facility, we offer a variety of home access equipment that does not require permanent modifications or installation and can be put in place quickly and economically.  To learn more about Access Express, click here.

Extended Service Agreements

Extend and increase the life of your equipment with a comprehensive service plan.

Organizational Speaking

Provide certified speakers for accessibility meetings, safety forums and caregiver education sessions. If we can be of help to your organization, please feel free to contact us.